The dating site for food lovers where members dine together at their favorite restaurants.
An exclusive community.
Chivalry is Alive.
Meet great people with similar tastes in food.
You will spend a large portion of your time eating with your future other half. Exploring and liking similar foods can be very beneficial for cultivating a healthy and lasting relationship. Agreeing on cuisines, quality of food, and favorite restaurants is a great start. Whether you like fine dining or hole-in-the-wall burger joints, a restaurant is the perfect place for a first date.
Why should women use
At HiDine, we believe in old-fashioned chivalry. Men pay for first dates. Everyone has a different idea of romance, and we believe a woman should be treated in ways that she deems romantic. It's nice to be a part of a community that is on the same page. Being upfront about who pays for dinner removes discomfort and allows for a more successful first date. You can just focus on being the naturally charming person that you are.
Why should men treat women to dinner?
During our current Beta launch, we are allowing everyone to have full free access to the site. However, it is assumed that men will be picking up the tab at dinner. Because you can ask someone directly to a restaurant, there is less time wasted messaging back and forth; and dates happen sooner. Our market research shows that our approach is more effective than the average dating site in bringing people together. HiDine is the fastest way to meet great people over a delicious meal.
How it works for women...
Sign Up
Fill out your profile, upload pictures that tell your story, and add your favorite restaurants to your profile page.
Sit and Wait
Men will find you based on your favorite restaurants and cuisines, and start offering you dates.   Alternatively, you can browse guys based on their tastes.   Wink at them to let them know you are interested, but it is up to them to break the ice and ask you out.   After that, you are both able to freely message each other to learn more.
Respond and Accept
You will find your date offers in your mailbox.   Respond to the dates you like, with the guys you find interesting.   After some back and forth deciding on the specifics of a date, accept!
How it works for men...
Sign Up
You fill out your profile, upload pictures that show who you are, share your favorite cuisines, and add your favorite restaurants.
Find your match
Search through our private community of beautiful, successful food-lovers.   Find a woman you like, and ask her out to a restaurant that she really wants to go to, or that you think she would enjoy.   Send a nice message along with your date suggestion to grab her attention.   Only after you suggest a date can you begin communicating.
Respond and Accept
After a woman agrees to go out with you on a date, you can confirm and make a reservation at the restaurant via the contact information listed on HiDine. Then, open a door or two - enjoy a great meal and conversation - and pick up the tab.
We protect our members...
HiDine is an exclusive community.   We review every profile to make sure that all our members are high class individuals who are genuinely interested in good food and great company. Men are expected to pay for dates, and can be reported if they do not. If any disputes arise, we will work with members to resolve them. If a member has more than 2 disputes against them, we may cancel their account.
Each member will receive invitations that they can pass on to their favorite people who would enjoy the site.