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We've all been there. You want veal parm, your date wants pho. You want to eat on the west side, he's eyeing a place downtown. You're thinking gluten-free, he's jonesing for deep dish. Whether you're friends with benefits or happily married, it's no secret you'll spend a significant portion of your time dining with that significant other. Agreeing on a cuisine can be either a nightly source of frustration or a springboard for cultivating a healthy and lasting relationship. So whether it's fine dining or a hole-in-the-wall, a winning first date starts with a glorious restaurant you're both dying to try.
Why should ladies use
Let's not fool ourselves. The typical first date experience leaves much to be desired. Sketchy meeting spot, minimal information to go on. No algorithm or chat session is a substitute for a relaxed environment on a first date. At HiDine, we believe the best way to relieve the pressure is by embracing that age-old concept of chivalry. Everyone’s entitled to their own idea of romance. We believe that removing any discomfort upfront about who pays the bill will lead to a better date. Our male members pick up the tab, so you can focus on being the naturally charming person you are, no strings attached.
Why should gents treat ladies to dinner?
Rest assured, guys. We’re allowing all users full free access to the site's services. Because we believe chivalry is alive, ladies dine for free and gents pick up the tab. And why not? Ladies love a guy who plans ahead. Because you can ask them out directly to a restaurant on HiDine, there is less time wasted messaging back and forth, so dates happen sooner. Our market research shows that our approach is more effective than the average dating site in bringing people together. You’ll spend more timing munching and less time messaging. Just another reason why HiDine is the fastest way to meet someone special over a terrific meal.
How it works for ladies...
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Most guys on HiDine have one thing on the mind - food. So here's your chance to stand out. Complete your personal profile with shout-outs to your favorite cuisines and restaurants you're dying to try. Be sure to upload pictures that tell your story. Yes, even selfies. We won't judge.
Be on the lookout
Gone are the days of mining online dating sites for that occasional diamond in the rough. Men who share your fine taste will message you based on your profile, favorite restaurants and cuisine preferences. See a particular guy you like on the site? Go ahead and wink at him to let him know you're interested. It's up to him to ask you out, but once he does you can message each other freely.
Respond and Accept
You get out what you put in. The more restaurants you list and the more detailed your profile, the better your chances at a date invite. Keep an eye on your messages and respond to guys you find interesting. After nailing down the details of the date, feel free to accept!
How it works for men...
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Guys, the best way to score a date on HiDine is by filling out your profile as detailed and credibly as you can. Be yourself and put your best foot forward - not in your mouth. Upload photos your mother would approve, add your favorite cuisines, and list a few restaurants you're eager to try. Your best asset is your charming self!
Find your match
The site is your oyster, so browse our community of beautiful foodies. Think you've found a match? Ask her out to a restaurant she really wants to try or that you think she would enjoy. Remember, atmosphere can go a long way towards a successful first date, so save "fourth meal" for your brosephs. Remember, only after suggesting a date can you begin communicating, so plan ahead and make her feel special.
Respond and Accept
Did she say yes? Well-met, sir. You may now confirm plans with your date and make a reservation at the restaurant. Now all you need to do is groom accordingly, show up on time, and enjoy getting to know her over a fantastic meal you both have been looking forward to! Just remember to be a gentleman and pick up that tab.
We protect our members...
At HiDine, we believe in safety first. We're an exclusive community, so we review every profile to ensure members are classy individuals genuinely interested in great food in good company. Guys, you are expected to pay the tab and can be reported if you do not. We will work with the community to resolve any disputes. If a member accrues more than 2 disputes, we may cancel their account. So let's just agree to eat, drink and be merry.
Each member will receive invitations that they can pass on to their favorite people who would enjoy the site.